View.OnFocusChanged(Boolean, FocusSearchDirection, Rect) View.OnFocusChanged(Boolean, FocusSearchDirection, Rect) Method


Called by the view system when the focus state of this view changes.

[Android.Runtime.Register("onFocusChanged", "(ZILandroid/graphics/Rect;)V", "GetOnFocusChanged_ZILandroid_graphics_Rect_Handler")]
protected virtual void OnFocusChanged (bool gainFocus, Android.Views.FocusSearchDirection direction, Android.Graphics.Rect previouslyFocusedRect);
abstract member OnFocusChanged : bool * Android.Views.FocusSearchDirection * Android.Graphics.Rect -> unit
override this.OnFocusChanged : bool * Android.Views.FocusSearchDirection * Android.Graphics.Rect -> unit


Boolean Boolean

True if the View has focus; false otherwise.

FocusSearchDirection FocusSearchDirection

The direction focus has moved when requestFocus() is called to give this view focus. Values are Up, Down, Left, Right, Forward, or Android.Views.View.FOCUS_BACKWARD. It may not always apply, in which case use the default.

Rect Rect

The rectangle, in this view's coordinate system, of the previously focused view. If applicable, this will be passed in as finer grained information about where the focus is coming from (in addition to direction). Will be null otherwise.


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