View.StartDrag(ClipData, View+DragShadowBuilder, Object, Int32) View.StartDrag(ClipData, View+DragShadowBuilder, Object, Int32) Method



This API is now obsolete.

Starts a drag and drop operation.

[Android.Runtime.Register("startDrag", "(Landroid/content/ClipData;Landroid/view/View$DragShadowBuilder;Ljava/lang/Object;I)Z", "", ApiSince=11)]
public bool StartDrag (Android.Content.ClipData data, Android.Views.View.DragShadowBuilder shadowBuilder, Java.Lang.Object myLocalState, int flags);
member this.StartDrag : Android.Content.ClipData * Android.Views.View.DragShadowBuilder * Java.Lang.Object * int -> bool


ClipData ClipData

A ClipData object pointing to the data to be transferred by the drag and drop operation.

View.DragShadowBuilder View.DragShadowBuilder

View DragShadowBuilder

Object Object

An Object containing local data about the drag and drop operation. This Object is put into every DragEvent object sent by the system during the current drag.

myLocalState is a lightweight mechanism for the sending information from the dragged View to the target Views. For example, it can contain flags that differentiate between a a copy operation and a move operation.

Int32 Int32

Flags that control the drag and drop operation. No flags are currently defined, so the parameter should be set to 0.



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