WindowFeatures WindowFeatures Enum


Enumerates values returned by several methods of WindowFeatures and taken as a parameter of several types.

public enum WindowFeatures
type WindowFeatures = 


ActionBar ActionBar 8

Flag for enabling the Action Bar. This is enabled by default for some devices.

ActionBarOverlay ActionBarOverlay 9
ActionModeOverlay ActionModeOverlay 10

Flag for specifying the behavior of action modes when an Action Bar is not present. If overlay is enabled, the action mode UI will be allowed to cover existing window content.

ActivityTransitions ActivityTransitions 13
ContentTransitions ContentTransitions 12
ContextMenu ContextMenu 6

Flag for the context menu.

CustomTitle CustomTitle 7

Flag for custom title.

DefaultFeatures DefaultFeatures 65
IndeterminateProgress IndeterminateProgress 5
LeftIcon LeftIcon 3
NoTitle NoTitle 1

Flag for the "no title" feature, turning off the title at the top of the screen.

OptionsPanel OptionsPanel 0

Flag for the "options panel" feature.

Progress Progress 2
RightIcon RightIcon 4
SwipeToDismiss SwipeToDismiss 11


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