WindowManagerFlags WindowManagerFlags Enum


Enumerates values returned by several types and taken as a parameter of several types.

This enumeration has a FlagsAttribute attribute that allows a bitwise combination of its member values.

public enum WindowManagerFlags
type WindowManagerFlags = 


AllowLockWhileScreenOn AllowLockWhileScreenOn 1

Window flag: as long as this window is visible to the user, allow the lock screen to activate while the screen is on.

AltFocusableIm AltFocusableIm 131072

Window flag: invert the state of NotFocusablewith respect to how this window interacts with the current method.

BlurBehind BlurBehind 4

Window flag: blur everything behind this window.

DimBehind DimBehind 2

Window flag: everything behind this window will be dimmed. Use DimAmountto control the amount of dim.

DismissKeyguard DismissKeyguard 4194304

Window flag: when set the window will cause the keyguard to be dismissed, only if it is not a secure lock keyguard.

Dither Dither 4096

Window flag: turn on dithering when compositing this window to the screen.

DrawsSystemBarBackgrounds DrawsSystemBarBackgrounds -2147483648
ForceNotFullscreen ForceNotFullscreen 2048

Window flag: override Fullscreenand force the screen decorations (such as the status bar) to be shown.

Fullscreen Fullscreen 1024

Window flag: hide all screen decorations (such as the status bar) while this window is displayed.

HardwareAccelerated HardwareAccelerated 16777216
IgnoreCheekPresses IgnoreCheekPresses 32768
KeepScreenOn KeepScreenOn 128

Window flag: as long as this window is visible to the user, keep the device's screen turned on and bright.

LayoutAttachedInDecor LayoutAttachedInDecor 1073741824
LayoutInOverscan LayoutInOverscan 33554432

Window flag: allow window contents to extend in to the screen's overscan area, if there is one.

LayoutInScreen LayoutInScreen 256

Window flag: place the window within the entire screen, ignoring decorations around the border (such as the status bar).

LayoutInsetDecor LayoutInsetDecor 65536

Window flag: a special option only for use in combination with LayoutInScreen.

LayoutNoLimits LayoutNoLimits 512

Window flag: allow window to extend outside of the screen.

LocalFocusMode LocalFocusMode 268435456
NotFocusable NotFocusable 8
NotTouchable NotTouchable 16

Window flag: this window can never receive touch events.

NotTouchModal NotTouchModal 32
Scaled Scaled 16384

Window flag: a special mode where the layout parameters are used to perform scaling of the surface when it is composited to the screen.

Secure Secure 8192
ShowWallpaper ShowWallpaper 1048576

Window flag: ask that the system wallpaper be shown behind your window.

ShowWhenLocked ShowWhenLocked 524288

Window flag: special flag to let windows be shown when the screen is locked.

SplitTouch SplitTouch 8388608

Window flag: when set the window will accept for touch events outside of its bounds to be sent to other windows that also support split touch.

TouchableWhenWaking TouchableWhenWaking 64

Window flag: when set, if the device is asleep when the touch screen is pressed, you will receive this first touch event.

TranslucentNavigation TranslucentNavigation 134217728
TranslucentStatus TranslucentStatus 67108864
TurnScreenOn TurnScreenOn 2097152
WatchOutsideTouch WatchOutsideTouch 262144


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