AVAudioSessionCategoryOptions AVAudioSessionCategoryOptions Enum


An enumeration whose values specify optional audio behaviors.

This enumeration has a FlagsAttribute attribute that allows a bitwise combination of its member values.

public enum AVAudioSessionCategoryOptions
type AVAudioSessionCategoryOptions = 


AllowAirPlay AllowAirPlay 64

Indicates that AirPlay is allowed.

AllowBluetooth AllowBluetooth 4

Indicates that Bluetooth is allowed.

AllowBluetoothA2DP AllowBluetoothA2DP 32

Indicates that Bluetooth A2DP is allowed.

DefaultToSpeaker DefaultToSpeaker 8

Indicates that the system output should be used by default.

DuckOthers DuckOthers 2

Indicates that output volume from other audio sessions will be reduced when this one is playing.

InterruptSpokenAudioAndMixWithOthers InterruptSpokenAudioAndMixWithOthers 17

Indicates that the output is typically spoken word output that should pause output from other sessions.

MixWithOthers MixWithOthers 1

Indicates that this session's output should mix in with output from other sessions.

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