AVAudioSessionErrorCode AVAudioSessionErrorCode Enum


An enumeration whose values specify various errors relating to AVAudioSessions.

public enum AVAudioSessionErrorCode
type AVAudioSessionErrorCode = 


BadParam BadParam -50

Indicates that the app tried to set a parameter to a disallowed value.

CannotInterruptOthers CannotInterruptOthers 560557684

Indicates that a session with nonmixable audio tried to activate while the app was in the background.

CannotStartPlaying CannotStartPlaying 561015905

Indicates that audio playback was attempted when playback was not allowed.

CannotStartRecording CannotStartRecording 561145187

Indicates that audio recording was attempted and failed.

CodeResourceNotAvailable CodeResourceNotAvailable 561145203

Indicates that a required resource, such as an audio input, is not available on the device.

IncompatibleCategory IncompatibleCategory 560161140

Indicates that an operation that is incompatible with the current category was attempted.

InsufficientPriority InsufficientPriority 561017449

Indicates that another app with higher priority preempted the operation.

IsBusy IsBusy 560030580

Indicates that an attempt was made to inactivate a busy session.

MediaServicesFailed MediaServicesFailed 1836282486

Indicates that Media Services has failed.

MissingEntitlement MissingEntitlement 1701737535

Indicates that a required entitlement was not present.

None None 0

Indicates that no error occurred. Success.

SiriIsRecording SiriIsRecording 1936290409

Indicates that Siri was recording when the operation was attempted.

Unspecified Unspecified 2003329396

Indicates that an unspecified error occurred.

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