AVMetadataItem.KeySpace Property


The key space to which the AVMetadataItem belongs.

[set: Foundation.NotImplemented]
[get: Foundation.Export("keySpace", ObjCRuntime.ArgumentSemantic.Copy)]
public virtual string KeySpace { get; set; }
member this.KeySpace : string with get, set

Property Value

(More documentation for this node is coming)

This value can be null.



Metadata uses the concept of a "Key Space" that is a group of related identifiers, something like a programmatic namespace. These key spaces are defined in AVMetadata:

Key SpaceConstant
Common (contains standard version of most keys in most key spaces) KeySpaceCommon
ID 3 KeySpaceID3
iTunes KeySpaceiTunes
QuickTime User Data KeySpaceQuickTimeUserData
QuickTime Metadata KeySpaceQuickTimeMetadata

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