MigrationErrorType Enum


Enumerates error codes that can be encountered while migrating stores.

public enum MigrationErrorType
type MigrationErrorType = 


EntityMigrationPolicy 134170

An error occurred while processing an entity migration policy.

ExternalRecordImport 134200

An error occurred while importing an external record.

HistoryTokenExpired 134301
InferredMappingModel 134190

An error occurred while creating an inferred mapping model.

Migration 134110

An unspecified error occurred.

MigrationCancelled 134120

The migration was canceled.

MigrationManagerDestinationStore 134160

There was a problem with the destination store.

MigrationManagerSourceStore 134150

There was a problem with the source store.

MigrationMissingMappingModel 134140

The mapping model was missing.

MigrationMissingSourceModel 134130

The source data model was missing.

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