PersistentStoreErrorType Enum


Enumerates error codes that can be encountered while working with persistent stores.

public enum PersistentStoreErrorType
type PersistentStoreErrorType = 


IncompatibleSchema 134020

Indicates that an incompatible schema was encountered, for example, one that specifies a table that is not present.

IncompatibleVersionHash 134100

Indicates that the entity version hashes in the persistent store are not compatible with the managed object model.

IncompleteSave 134040

Indicates that an error occurred while saving one or more stores in a container.

InvalidType 134000

Indicates that an invalid type was encountered.

Open 134080

Indicates that an error occurred while trying to open a persistent store.

Operation 134070

Indicates that an error occurred while performing an operation on persistent store.

Save 134030

Indicates that an error, such as a permissions error, was encountered while saving a persistent store.

SaveConflicts 134050

Indicates that an unresolved merge conflict was encountered while saving.

Timeout 134090

Indicates that connecting to a persistent store took too long.

TypeMismatch 134010

Indicates that a store was encountered that did not match the specified type.

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