CGBlendMode Enum


Blending mode used during composition.

public enum CGBlendMode
type CGBlendMode = 


Clear 16

Clears the destination and makes it transparent (R=0).

Color 14
ColorBurn 7
ColorDodge 6
Copy 17

Copies the source color with alpha to the target (R=S)

Darken 4
DestinationAtop 24
DestinationIn 22
DestinationOut 23
DestinationOver 21
Difference 10
Exclusion 11
HardLight 9
Hue 12
Lighten 5
Luminosity 15
Multiply 1
Normal 0
Overlay 3
PlusDarker 26
PlusLighter 27
Saturation 13
Screen 2
SoftLight 8
SourceAtop 20
SourceIn 18
SourceOut 19
XOR 25


The blend modes are used when composing images, the operations combine the color data with an alpha channel. The operations are called the Porter-Duff blending operations.

For a detailed explanation see the PDF reference manual.

In the explanation below, the following variables are used:

RPremultiplied result color
SSource Color
DDestination Color
SaSource alpha value
DaDestination alpha value

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