CGSize CGSize Struct


Structure containing height and width values.

public struct CGSize : IEquatable<CoreGraphics.CGSize>
type CGSize = struct


CGSize(CGPoint) CGSize(CGPoint)

Initializes a CGSize object from a CGPoint.

CGSize(CGSize) CGSize(CGSize)

Initializes a CGSize object from another CGSize.

CGSize(Double, Double) CGSize(Double, Double)
CGSize(nfloat, nfloat) CGSize(nfloat, nfloat)

Initializes a CGSize with the given width and height.

CGSize(Single, Single) CGSize(Single, Single)


Empty Empty

Represents an empty size.


Height Height

The height component of the CGSize.

IsEmpty IsEmpty

Returns true if the size is empty

Width Width

The Width component of the CGSize.


Add(CGSize, CGSize) Add(CGSize, CGSize)

Adds two CGSize objects and returns the result.

Equals(CGSize) Equals(CGSize)

Compares the size with the specified size.

Equals(Object) Equals(Object)

Compares the CGSize with another object.

GetHashCode() GetHashCode()
Subtract(CGSize, CGSize) Subtract(CGSize, CGSize)
ToCGPoint() ToCGPoint()

Converts the CGSize to a CGPOint.

ToDictionary() ToDictionary()

Serializes a CGSize into anĀ NSDictionary.

ToPointF() ToPointF()

Converts the size to a CGPoint.

ToRoundedCGSize() ToRoundedCGSize()
ToSize() ToSize()
ToString() ToString()
TryParse(NSDictionary, CGSize) TryParse(NSDictionary, CGSize)

Attempts to parse the contents of an NSDictionary with a serialized CGSize into a CGSize.


Addition(CGSize, CGSize) Addition(CGSize, CGSize)

Adds two CGSize structures together and returns the result.

Equality(CGSize, CGSize) Equality(CGSize, CGSize)
Explicit(CGSize to SizeF) Explicit(CGSize to SizeF)
Explicit(CGSize to CGPoint) Explicit(CGSize to CGPoint)
Explicit(CGSize to Size) Explicit(CGSize to Size)
Implicit(Size to CGSize) Implicit(Size to CGSize)
Implicit(SizeF to CGSize) Implicit(SizeF to CGSize)
Inequality(CGSize, CGSize) Inequality(CGSize, CGSize)
Subtraction(CGSize, CGSize) Subtraction(CGSize, CGSize)

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