CVReturn Enum


Possible status codes for CoreVideo functions.

[ObjCRuntime.Watch(4, 0)]
public enum CVReturn
type CVReturn = 


AllocationFailed -6662

Allocation failed.

DisplayLinkAlreadyRunning -6671

The displauy link is already running.

DisplayLinkCallbacksNotSet -6673

There are no callbacks registered for the specified display link.

DisplayLinkNotRunning -6672

The display link is not running

Error -6660

Generic error message.

First -6660

Internal marker

InvalidArgument -6661

Caller passed an invalid argument.

InvalidDisplay -6670

The specified display is invalid

InvalidPixelBufferAttributes -6682

The specified pixel buffer attributes are not valid.

InvalidPixelFormat -6680

The specified pixel format is not valid.

InvalidPoolAttributes -6691

It is not possible to create a buffer pool with the specified attributes.

InvalidSize -6681

Invalid buffer size.

Last -6699

Internal marker.

PixelBufferNotMetalCompatible -6684

The pixel buffer is not compatible with Metal.

PixelBufferNotOpenGLCompatible -6683

The pixel format is not compatible with OpenGL.

PoolAllocationFailed -6690

Failure to allocate the pool.

Retry -6692

The method will retry.

Success 0

The method executed successfully.

Unsupported -6663

The operation is not supported.

WouldExceedAllocationThreshold -6689

Performing this operation would exceed the allocation threshold.

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