Configuration Configuration Configuration Configuration Interface


Represents a project or project item's build configuration dependent properties.

public interface class Configuration
public interface Configuration
type Configuration = interface
Public Interface Configuration


Project(Item).Properties has configuration-independent properties.

Each Configuration object represents the properties for a project configuration and platform name pair, such as ("Debug", "Win32") or ("Release", "Win32"). For most projects the platform is either non-existent, "Win32," or "WSP."


Collection Collection Collection Collection

Returns the collection containing the Configuration object supporting this property.

ConfigurationName ConfigurationName ConfigurationName ConfigurationName

Gets the project configuration to be built.


Gets the top-level extensibility object.

Extender[String] Extender[String] Extender[String] Extender[String]

Returns the requested Extender if it is available for this object.

ExtenderCATID ExtenderCATID ExtenderCATID ExtenderCATID

Gets the Extender category ID (CATID) for the object.

ExtenderNames ExtenderNames ExtenderNames ExtenderNames

Gets a list of available Extenders for the object.

IsBuildable IsBuildable IsBuildable IsBuildable

Gets whether the project or project item configuration can be built.

IsDeployable IsDeployable IsDeployable IsDeployable

Gets whether the project or project item configuration can be deployed.

IsRunable IsRunable IsRunable IsRunable

Returns whether the project or project item configuration can be run.

Object Object Object Object

Gets an object that can be accessed by name at run time.

OutputGroups OutputGroups OutputGroups OutputGroups

Gets a collection of OutputGroup objects that contains the names of the files that are outputs for the project.

Owner Owner Owner Owner

Gets the project or project item for the configuration.

PlatformName PlatformName PlatformName PlatformName

Gets the name of the platform supported by this assignment.

Properties Properties Properties Properties

Gets a collection of all properties that pertain to the Configuration object.

Type Type Type Type

Gets a constant indicating the object type.

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