SelectedItems SelectedItems SelectedItems Interface


Contains SelectedItem objects, which represent selected projects or project items.

public interface SelectedItems : System.Collections.IEnumerable
type SelectedItems = interface
    interface IEnumerable
Public Interface SelectedItems
Implements IEnumerable


Sub SelectedItemsExample()  
   Dim SelItems As SelectedItems  
   Dim SelItemObj As SelectedItem  
   Dim SelContain As SelectionContainer  
   Dim SelItem As SelectedItem  
   Dim NameStr As String  

   SelItems = DTE.SelectedItems  
   ' List the number of items selected.  
   If SelItems.MultiSelect = True Then  
      MsgBox("You have " & SelItems.Count & " items selected in Solution Explorer.")  
   End If  

   ' Set a reference to the first selected item.  
   SelItemObj = SelItems.Item(1)  
   ' List the names of the project or project items under the selected   
   ' item.  
   For Each SelItem In SelItemObj.Collection  
      NameStr = NameStr & SelItem.Name  
      If TypeOf SelItem.Project Is Project Then  
         NameStr = NameStr & " Project-" & SelItem.Project.Name & vbCrLf  
         If TypeOf SelItem.ProjectItem Is ProjectItem Then  
             NameStr = NameStr & SelItem.ProjectItem.FileNames(1) & vbCrLf  
         End If  
      End If  
   MsgBox("You selected: " & NameStr)  
End Sub  


There is always a SelectedItems collection, even when there are no project items. For example, if Solution Explorer has focus and a project node is selected, then there is one SelectedItem object. The selected item's Project property refers to the selected project, and its ProjectItem property is Null.


Count Count Count

Gets a value indicating the number of objects in the SelectedItems collection.


Gets the top-level extensibility object.

MultiSelect MultiSelect MultiSelect

Gets whether or not the current selection includes multiple items.

Parent Parent Parent

Gets the immediate parent object of a SelectedItems collection.

SelectionContainer SelectionContainer SelectionContainer

Gets a SelectionContainer object that represents the designer hosting the selected item(s).


GetEnumerator() GetEnumerator() GetEnumerator()

Gets an enumeration for items in a collection.

Item(Object) Item(Object) Item(Object)

Returns a SelectedItem object in the SelectedItems collection.

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