TaskItem TaskItem TaskItem TaskItem Interface


The TaskItem object represents a task item in the Task List window.

public interface class TaskItem
public interface TaskItem
type TaskItem = interface
Public Interface TaskItem


Sub TaskItemExample()  
   Dim win As Window = DTE.Windows.Item(Constants.vsWindowKindTaskList)  
   Dim TL As TaskList = win.Object  
   Dim TLItem As TaskItem  

   ' Add a couple of tasks to the Task List.  
   TLItem = TL.TaskItems.Add(" ", " ", "Test task 1.", vsTaskPriority.vsTaskPriorityHigh, vsTaskIcon.vsTaskIconUser, True, , 10, , )  
   TLItem = TL.TaskItems.Add(" ", " ", "Test task 2.", vsTaskPriority.vsTaskPriorityLow, vsTaskIcon.vsTaskIconComment, , 20, , )  

   ' List the total number of task list items after adding the new   
   ' task items.  
   MsgBox("Task Item 1 description: " & TL.TaskItems.Item(2).Description)  
   MsgBox("Total number of task items: " & TL.TaskItems.Count)  

   ' Remove the second task item. The items list in reverse numeric order.  
   MsgBox("Deleting the second task item")  
   MsgBox("Total number of task items: " & TL.TaskItems.Count)  
End Sub  


Category Category Category Category

Gets a string representing the category of the task item.

Checked Checked Checked Checked

Sets or gets whether a task item in the Task List window has a check in the check box column.

Collection Collection Collection Collection

Returns the collection containing the TaskItem object supporting this property.

Description Description Description Description

Sets or gets a string that represents the description for the TaskItem object.

Displayed Displayed Displayed Displayed

Gets whether the task item is currently visible in the Task List window.


Gets the top-level extensibility object.

FileName FileName FileName FileName

Sets or gets a string representing the file name that was passed to the Task List window when the task item was created.

IsSettable[vsTaskListColumn] IsSettable[vsTaskListColumn] IsSettable[vsTaskListColumn] IsSettable[vsTaskListColumn]

Returns whether a given column of a task item can be edited.

Line Line Line Line

Sets or gets the line number of the TaskItem object.

Priority Priority Priority Priority

Sets or gets a constant that indicates the priority of the task item.

SubCategory SubCategory SubCategory SubCategory

Gets a string representing the task item's subcategory.


Delete() Delete() Delete() Delete()

Removes the task item from the collection.

Navigate() Navigate() Navigate() Navigate()

Requests that the task item navigate to its location and display it, if that is meaningful to the task.

Select() Select() Select() Select()

Causes this item to become active in the integrated development environment (IDE).

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