PublishEventsClass.OnPublishBegin Event


Event triggered when a publish operation is started.

This API supports the product infrastructure and is not intended to be used directly from your code.

 virtual event EnvDTE80::_dispPublishEvents_OnPublishBeginEventHandler ^ OnPublishBegin;
public virtual event EnvDTE80._dispPublishEvents_OnPublishBeginEventHandler OnPublishBegin;
member this.OnPublishBegin : EnvDTE80._dispPublishEvents_OnPublishBeginEventHandler 
Public Overridable Custom Event OnPublishBegin As _dispPublishEvents_OnPublishBeginEventHandler Implements OnPublishBegin



Public Class Connect  
    Implements IDTExtensibility2  
    Public WithEvents pubEvents As EnvDTE80.PublishEvents  
    Dim applicationObject As DTE2  
Private Sub MenuItemCallback(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As EventArgs)  
        applicationObject = CType(application, DTE2)  
        Dim events As EnvDTE80.Events2  
        events = applicationObject.Events2  
        pubEvents = CType(events._PublishEvents(Nothing), _  
    Catch ex As Exception  
    End Try  
End Sub  
    Private Sub pubEvents_OnPublishBegin(ByRef [Continue] As Boolean) _  
    Handles pubEvents.OnPublishBegin  
        MsgBox("A publish event is occuring..")  
    End Sub  
    Private Sub pubEvents_OnPublishDone(ByVal Success As Boolean) _  
    Handles pubEvents.OnPublishDone  
        MsgBox("A publish event has completed.")  
    End Sub  


Visual Studio includes a new feature known as ClickOnce Deployment. ClickOnce allows you to publish Windows applications to a Web server or network file share for simplified installation. For more information about this, see ClickOnce Security and Deployment.

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