SolutionBuild2.BuildProject(String, String, Boolean) Method


Builds the specified project and its dependencies in the context of the specified solution configuration.

void BuildProject(std::wstring const & SolutionConfiguration, std::wstring const & ProjectUniqueName, bool WaitForBuildToFinish = false);
public void BuildProject (string SolutionConfiguration, string ProjectUniqueName, bool WaitForBuildToFinish = false);
abstract member BuildProject : string * string * bool -> unit
Public Sub BuildProject (SolutionConfiguration As String, ProjectUniqueName As String, Optional WaitForBuildToFinish As Boolean = false)



Required. The name of the new solution configuration that provides the context in which to build the project.


Required. The project to build.


Optional. Determines whether to wait for the build to complete. If true, then it waits, otherwise, it does not wait.




This example builds a project in debug mode. Open a project in the Visual Studio integrated development environment (IDE) before running this example.

Imports EnvDTE  
Imports EnvDTE80  
Sub SolutionBuildProjectExample(ByVal dte As DTE2)  
    ' Open a solution in Visual Studio before running this example.  
        Dim soln As Solution2 = CType(_applicationObject.Solution, _  
        Dim sb As SolutionBuild2  
        Dim bld As BuildDependencies  
        Dim p1 As Project = soln.Projects.Item(1)  
        sb = CType(soln.SolutionBuild, SolutionBuild2)  
        bld = sb.BuildDependencies  
        MsgBox("The project " & bld.Item(1).Project.Name & " has "  _  
        & bld.Count.ToString() & " build dependencies.")  
        MsgBox("Building the project in debug mode...")  
        sb.BuildProject("Debug", p1.FullName, True)  
    Catch ex As System.Exception  
    End Try  
End Sub  
using EnvDTE;  
using EnvDTE80;  
using System.Windows.Forms;  
public void SolutionBuildProjectExample(DTE2 dte)  
        Solution2 soln = (Solution2)_applicationObject.Solution;  
        SolutionBuild2 sb;  
        BuildDependencies bld;  
        Project p1 = soln.Projects.Item(1);  
        // Open a solution in Visual Studio before   
        // running this example.  
        sb = (SolutionBuild2)soln.SolutionBuild;  
        bld = sb.BuildDependencies;  
        MessageBox.Show("The project " + bld.Item(1).Project.Name   
+ " has " + bld.Count.ToString() + " build dependencies.");  
        MessageBox.Show("Building the project in debug mode...");  
        sb.BuildProject("Debug", p1.FullName,true);  
    catch (Exception ex)  


BuildProject returns immediately. To determine when a solution build operation is complete, you must check the OnBuildDone event.

BuildProject does not affect the user interface (UI) in terms of changing the active solution configuration or selected project. If you want to build the project relative to the active solution configuration, use DTE.SolutionBuild.ActiveConfiguration.Name.

BuildProject does affect the UI based on the DTE.SuppressUI flag in that the Status Bar flickers and the Output Window and Task List are always updated.

BuildProject builds the specified project and all of its dependencies that are checked to be built in the specified solution configuration.

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