NSUrlSession.GetAllTasksAsync Method


[ObjCRuntime.Introduced(ObjCRuntime.PlatformName.iOS, 9, 0, ObjCRuntime.PlatformArchitecture.All, null)]
[ObjCRuntime.Introduced(ObjCRuntime.PlatformName.MacOSX, 10, 11, ObjCRuntime.PlatformArchitecture.All, null)]
public virtual System.Threading.Tasks.Task<Foundation.NSUrlSessionTask[]> GetAllTasksAsync ();
abstract member GetAllTasksAsync : unit -> System.Threading.Tasks.Task<Foundation.NSUrlSessionTask[]>
override this.GetAllTasksAsync : unit -> System.Threading.Tasks.Task<Foundation.NSUrlSessionTask[]>


A task that represents the asynchronous GetAllTasks operation. The value of the TResult parameter is an array of MonoTouch.Foundation.NSUrlSessionTask. The base class for data-transfer tasks created by a .



The GetAllTasksAsync method is suitable to be used with C# async by returning control to the caller with a Task representing the operation.

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