GKError Enum


An enumeration whose values specify Game Kit errors.

public enum GKError
type GKError = 


AuthenticationInProgress 7

The player is authenticating.

Cancelled 2

The user cancelled the operation.

ChallengeInvalid 19

The challenge was invalid.

CommunicationsFailure 3

There was an error in communicating with the game server.

GameSessionRequestInvalid 29

The session request was not valid.

GameUnrecognized 15

The game center did not recognize the app or game. This can be caused by an invalid bundle identifier.

InvalidCredentials 5

The user name or password was invalid.

InvalidParameter 17

A parameter was incorrect or miscategorized.

InvalidPlayer 8

The in-game representation of a player was invalid.

InvitationsDisabled 25

The receiver is not currently receiving invitations.

MatchNotConnected 28

The match is not connected.

MatchRequestInvalid 13

The match request is logically impossible.

None 0

No error occurred.

NotAuthenticated 6

The player is not authenticated.

NotSupported 16

The Game Center is not supported by the device.

Offline 25
ParentalControlsBlocked 10

The requested item or service is blocked.

PlayerPhotoFailure 26

The player's photo could not be retrieved.

PlayerStatusExceedsMaximumLength 11

The player's status message is longer than allowed.

PlayerStatusInvalid 12

The player's status message is not valid.

ScoreNotSet 9

The score is not set.

TurnBasedInvalidParticipant 22

The in-game representation of a player in a turn-based game was invalid.

TurnBasedInvalidState 24

The session for a turn-based game was in an invalid state.

TurnBasedInvalidTurn 23

An attempt was made to play out of turn.

TurnBasedMatchDataTooLarge 20

The match data was too large.

TurnBasedTooManySessions 21

The maximum number of sessions was reached before the operation was requested.

UbiquityContainerUnavailable 27

The iCloud container was unavailable.

Underage 14

The player is not old enough to access the item or service.

UnexpectedConnection 18

There was a connection from an unexpected player.

Unknown 1

An unknown error occurred.

UserDenied 4

The user denied an operation.

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