GKVoiceChatServiceError GKVoiceChatServiceError Enum


Errors returned by the GKVoiceChatService.

[ObjCRuntime.Deprecated(ObjCRuntime.PlatformName.iOS, 7, 0, ObjCRuntime.PlatformArchitecture.None, null)]
public enum GKVoiceChatServiceError
type GKVoiceChatServiceError = 


AudioUnavailable AudioUnavailable 32005

The service cannot access audio hardware.

ClientMissingRequiredMethods ClientMissingRequiredMethods 32007

The client is missing a required method.

Internal Internal 32000

An internal error occurred.

InvalidCallID InvalidCallID 32004

The call ID was not valid.

InvalidParameter InvalidParameter 32016

A parameter was not valid.

MethodCurrentlyInvalid MethodCurrentlyInvalid 32012

The specified method was not valid when it was called.

NetworkConfiguration NetworkConfiguration 32013

The network could not be accessed.

NoRemotePackets NoRemotePackets 32001

Remote packets stopped.

OutOfMemory OutOfMemory 32015

The client is out of memory.

RemoteParticipantBusy RemoteParticipantBusy 32008

The remote participant was already in a voice chat.

RemoteParticipantCancelled RemoteParticipantCancelled 32009

The remote participant cancelled the call before it started.

RemoteParticipantDeclinedInvite RemoteParticipantDeclinedInvite 32011

The remote participant did not accept the invitation.

RemoteParticipantHangup RemoteParticipantHangup 32003

The remote participant ended the voice chat.

RemoteParticipantResponseInvalid RemoteParticipantResponseInvalid 32010

An invalid response was received from the remote participant.

UnableToConnect UnableToConnect 32002

The client was unable to connect to the service.

UninitializedClient UninitializedClient 32006

The client was not initialized.

UnsupportedRemoteVersion UnsupportedRemoteVersion 32014

The remote client version was not supported.

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