GKRuleSystem.GetMaximumGrade(NSObject[]) Method


Retrieves the maximum truth grade among the facts. (Fuzzy OR)

public virtual float GetMaximumGrade (Foundation.NSObject[] facts);
abstract member GetMaximumGrade : Foundation.NSObject[] -> single
override this.GetMaximumGrade : Foundation.NSObject[] -> single






In fuzzy logic, the confidence in a conclusion is equal to the confidence in one of the precedent facts. In a fuzzy OR, the confidence in the conclusion is the maximum value of its precedent facts. In a fuzzy AND, the confidence is the minimum.For instance, a car’s desirability might be caused by it being great fun to drive OR having great gas mileage. If a car had a 0.4 grade for funToDrive but greatMileage of 0.8, the carDesirability would be set to 0.8 — the maximum of its precedents. funToDrive, in turn, might require power AND handling. So a car with plentyOfHorsepower of 1.0 but goodHandling of 0.4 would end up with a funToDrive grade of 0.4 — the minimum of its precedents.

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