INBillType Enum


Enumerates common bills.

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public enum INBillType
type INBillType = 


AutoInsurance 1

A bill for auto insurance.

Cable 2

A bill for a cable provider.

CarLease 3

A bill for a car lease.

CarLoan 4

A bill for a car loan.

CreditCard 5

A bill for a credit card.

Electricity 6

A bill for electricity.

GarbageAndRecycling 8

A bill for waste removal.

Gas 7

A bill for gas.

HealthInsurance 9

A bill for health insurance.

HomeInsurance 10

A bill for home insurance.

Internet 11

A bill for internet access.

LifeInsurance 12

A bill for life insurance.

Mortgage 13

A bill for a mortgage.

MusicStreaming 14

A bill for a music streaming service.

Phone 15

A phone bill.

Rent 16

A rent bill.

Sewer 17

A bill for sewer use.

StudentLoan 18

A bill for a student loan.

TrafficTicket 19

A fine for a traffic ticket.

Tuition 20

A bill for tuition.

Unknown 0

A bill of an indeterminate or unknown type.

Utilities 21

A general utility bill.

Water 22

A bill for water.

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