Status Enum


The status of HMC5883L device

This enumeration has a FlagsAttribute attribute that allows a bitwise combination of its member values.

public enum Status
type Status = 
Public Enum Status


Lock 2

Data output register lock. This bit is set when some but not all for of the six data output registers have been read. When this bit is set, the six data output registers are locked and any new data will not be placed in these register until one of four conditions are met: all six have been read or the mode changed, a POR is issued, the mode is changed, the measurement is changed.

Ready 1

Ready Bit. Set when data is written to all six data registers. Cleared when device initiates a write to the data output registers, when in off mode, and after one or more of the data output registers are written to. When RDY bit is clear it shall remain cleared for a minimum of a 250 μs.

RegulatorEnabled 4

Regulator Enabled Bit. This bit is set when the internal voltage regulator is enabled. This bit is cleared when the internal regulator is disabled.

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