IExternalizable IExternalizable Interface


Defines an interface for classes that want to be serializable, but have their own binary representation.

[Android.Runtime.Register("java/io/Externalizable", "", "Java.IO.IExternalizableInvoker", ApiSince=1)]
public interface IExternalizable : IDisposable, Java.IO.ISerializable
type IExternalizable = interface
    interface ISerializable
    interface IJavaObject
    interface IDisposable


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ReadExternal(IObjectInput) ReadExternal(IObjectInput)

Reads the next object from the ObjectInput input.

WriteExternal(IObjectOutput) WriteExternal(IObjectOutput)

Writes the receiver to the ObjectOutput output.


Handle Handle

Gets the JNI value of the underlying Android object.

(Inherited from IJavaObject)

Extension Methods

JavaCast<TResult>(IJavaObject) JavaCast<TResult>(IJavaObject)

Performs an Android runtime-checked type conversion.

JavaCast<TResult>(IJavaObject) JavaCast<TResult>(IJavaObject)
ReadExternalAsync(IExternalizable, IObjectInput) ReadExternalAsync(IExternalizable, IObjectInput)
WriteExternalAsync(IExternalizable, IObjectOutput) WriteExternalAsync(IExternalizable, IObjectOutput)

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