ObjectInputStream ObjectInputStream Class


A specialized InputStream that is able to read (deserialize) Java objects as well as primitive data types (int, byte, char etc.

[Android.Runtime.Register("java/io/ObjectInputStream", ApiSince=1, DoNotGenerateAcw=true)]
public class ObjectInputStream : Java.IO.InputStream, IDisposable, Java.IO.IObjectInput
type ObjectInputStream = class
    inherit InputStream
    interface IObjectInput
    interface IDataInput
    interface IJavaObject
    interface IDisposable


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ObjectInputStream() ObjectInputStream()

Constructs a new ObjectInputStream.

ObjectInputStream(IntPtr, JniHandleOwnership) ObjectInputStream(IntPtr, JniHandleOwnership)

A constructor used when creating managed representations of JNI objects; called by the runtime.

ObjectInputStream(Stream) ObjectInputStream(Stream)

Constructs a new ObjectInputStream that reads from the InputStream input.


Class Class

Returns the unique instance of Class that represents this object's class.

(Inherited from Object)
Handle Handle

The handle to the underlying Android instance.

(Inherited from Object)
IJavaObjectEx.IsProxy IJavaObjectEx.IsProxy Inherited from Object
IJavaObjectEx.KeyHandle IJavaObjectEx.KeyHandle Inherited from Object
IJavaObjectEx.NeedsActivation IJavaObjectEx.NeedsActivation Inherited from Object
IJavaPeerable.JniManagedPeerState IJavaPeerable.JniManagedPeerState Inherited from Object
JniIdentityHashCode JniIdentityHashCode Inherited from Object
JniPeerMembers JniPeerMembers
PeerReference PeerReference Inherited from Object
ThresholdClass ThresholdClass

This API supports the Mono for Android infrastructure and is not intended to be used directly from your code.

ThresholdType ThresholdType

This API supports the Mono for Android infrastructure and is not intended to be used directly from your code.


Available() Available()

Returns an estimated number of bytes that can be read or skipped without blocking for more input.

(Inherited from InputStream)
Clone() Clone()

Creates and returns a copy of this Object.

(Inherited from Object)
Close() Close()

Closes this stream.

(Inherited from InputStream)
DefaultReadObject() DefaultReadObject()

Default method to read objects from this stream.

Dispose() Dispose() Inherited from Object
Dispose(Boolean) Dispose(Boolean) Inherited from Object
EnableResolveObject(Boolean) EnableResolveObject(Boolean)

Enables object replacement for this stream.

Equals(Object) Equals(Object)

Compares this instance with the specified object and indicates if they are equal.

(Inherited from Object)
GetHashCode() GetHashCode()

Returns an integer hash code for this object.

(Inherited from Object)
JavaFinalize() JavaFinalize()

Invoked when the garbage collector has detected that this instance is no longer reachable.

(Inherited from Object)
Mark(Int32) Mark(Int32)

Sets a mark position in this InputStream.

(Inherited from InputStream)
MarkSupported() MarkSupported()

Indicates whether this stream supports the mark() and reset() methods.

(Inherited from InputStream)
Notify() Notify()

Causes a thread which is waiting on this object's monitor (by means of calling one of the wait() methods) to be woken up.

(Inherited from Object)
NotifyAll() NotifyAll()

Causes all threads which are waiting on this object's monitor (by means of calling one of the wait() methods) to be woken up.

(Inherited from Object)
Read() Read()

Reads a single byte from the source stream and returns it as an integer in the range from 0 to 255.

Read(Byte[]) Read(Byte[])

Equivalent to read(buffer, 0, buffer.length).

(Inherited from InputStream)
Read(Byte[], Int32, Int32) Read(Byte[], Int32, Int32)

Reads up to byteCount bytes from this stream and stores them in the byte array buffer starting at byteOffset.

(Inherited from InputStream)
ReadAsync() ReadAsync() Inherited from InputStream
ReadAsync(Byte[]) ReadAsync(Byte[]) Inherited from InputStream
ReadAsync(Byte[], Int32, Int32) ReadAsync(Byte[], Int32, Int32) Inherited from InputStream
ReadBoolean() ReadBoolean()

Reads a boolean from the source stream.

ReadByte() ReadByte()

Reads a byte (8 bit) from the source stream.

ReadChar() ReadChar()

Reads a character (16 bit) from the source stream.

ReadClassDescriptor() ReadClassDescriptor()

Reads a class descriptor from the source stream.

ReadDouble() ReadDouble()

Reads a double (64 bit) from the source stream.

ReadFields() ReadFields()

Reads the persistent fields of the object that is currently being read from the source stream.

ReadFloat() ReadFloat()

Reads a float (32 bit) from the source stream.

ReadFully(Byte[]) ReadFully(Byte[])

Reads bytes from the source stream into the byte array dst.

ReadFully(Byte[], Int32, Int32) ReadFully(Byte[], Int32, Int32)

Reads byteCount bytes from the source stream into the byte array dst.

ReadInt() ReadInt()

Reads an integer (32 bit) from the source stream.

ReadLine() ReadLine()

Reads the next line from the source stream.

ReadLong() ReadLong()

Reads a long (64 bit) from the source stream.

ReadObject() ReadObject()

Reads the next object from the source stream.

ReadObjectOverride() ReadObjectOverride()

Method to be overridden by subclasses to read the next object from the source stream.

ReadShort() ReadShort()

Reads a short (16 bit) from the source stream.

ReadStreamHeader() ReadStreamHeader()

Reads and validates the ObjectInputStream header from the source stream.

ReadUnshared() ReadUnshared()

Reads the next unshared object from the source stream.

ReadUnsignedByte() ReadUnsignedByte()

Reads an unsigned byte (8 bit) from the source stream.

ReadUnsignedShort() ReadUnsignedShort()

Reads an unsigned short (16 bit) from the source stream.

ReadUTF() ReadUTF()

Reads a string encoded in IDataInput from the source stream.

RegisterValidation(IObjectInputValidation, Int32) RegisterValidation(IObjectInputValidation, Int32)

Registers a callback for post-deserialization validation of objects.

Reset() Reset()

Resets this stream to the last marked location.

(Inherited from InputStream)
ResolveClass(ObjectStreamClass) ResolveClass(ObjectStreamClass)

Loads the Java class corresponding to the class descriptor osClass that has just been read from the source stream.

ResolveObject(Object) ResolveObject(Object)

Allows trusted subclasses to substitute the specified original object with a new object.

ResolveProxyClass(String[]) ResolveProxyClass(String[])

Creates the proxy class that implements the interfaces specified in interfaceNames.

SetHandle(IntPtr, JniHandleOwnership) SetHandle(IntPtr, JniHandleOwnership)

Sets the Handle property.

(Inherited from Object)
Skip(Int64) Skip(Int64)

Skips at most byteCount bytes in this stream.

(Inherited from InputStream)
SkipAsync(Int64) SkipAsync(Int64) Inherited from InputStream
SkipBytes(Int32) SkipBytes(Int32)

Skips length bytes on the source stream.

ToArray<T>() ToArray<T>() Inherited from Object
ToString() ToString()

Returns a string containing a concise, human-readable description of this object.

(Inherited from Object)
UnregisterFromRuntime() UnregisterFromRuntime() Inherited from Object
Wait() Wait()

Causes the calling thread to wait until another thread calls the notify() or notifyAll() method of this object.

(Inherited from Object)
Wait(Int64) Wait(Int64)

Causes the calling thread to wait until another thread calls the notify() or notifyAll() method of this object or until the specified timeout expires.

(Inherited from Object)
Wait(Int64, Int32) Wait(Int64, Int32)

Causes the calling thread to wait until another thread calls the notify() or notifyAll() method of this object or until the specified timeout expires.

(Inherited from Object)

Explicit Interface Implementations

IJavaObjectEx.ToLocalJniHandle() IJavaObjectEx.ToLocalJniHandle() Inherited from Object
IJavaPeerable.Disposed() IJavaPeerable.Disposed() Inherited from Object
IJavaPeerable.DisposeUnlessReferenced() IJavaPeerable.DisposeUnlessReferenced() Inherited from Object
IJavaPeerable.Finalized() IJavaPeerable.Finalized() Inherited from Object
IJavaPeerable.SetJniIdentityHashCode(Int32) IJavaPeerable.SetJniIdentityHashCode(Int32) Inherited from Object
IJavaPeerable.SetJniManagedPeerState(JniManagedPeerStates) IJavaPeerable.SetJniManagedPeerState(JniManagedPeerStates) Inherited from Object
IJavaPeerable.SetPeerReference(JniObjectReference) IJavaPeerable.SetPeerReference(JniObjectReference) Inherited from Object

Extension Methods

JavaCast<TResult>(IJavaObject) JavaCast<TResult>(IJavaObject)

Performs an Android runtime-checked type conversion.

JavaCast<TResult>(IJavaObject) JavaCast<TResult>(IJavaObject)
GetJniTypeName(IJavaPeerable) GetJniTypeName(IJavaPeerable)
ReadBooleanAsync(IDataInput) ReadBooleanAsync(IDataInput)
ReadByteAsync(IDataInput) ReadByteAsync(IDataInput)
ReadCharAsync(IDataInput) ReadCharAsync(IDataInput)
ReadDoubleAsync(IDataInput) ReadDoubleAsync(IDataInput)
ReadFloatAsync(IDataInput) ReadFloatAsync(IDataInput)
ReadFullyAsync(IDataInput, Byte[]) ReadFullyAsync(IDataInput, Byte[])
ReadFullyAsync(IDataInput, Byte[], Int32, Int32) ReadFullyAsync(IDataInput, Byte[], Int32, Int32)
ReadIntAsync(IDataInput) ReadIntAsync(IDataInput)
ReadLineAsync(IDataInput) ReadLineAsync(IDataInput)
ReadLongAsync(IDataInput) ReadLongAsync(IDataInput)
ReadShortAsync(IDataInput) ReadShortAsync(IDataInput)
ReadUnsignedByteAsync(IDataInput) ReadUnsignedByteAsync(IDataInput)
ReadUnsignedShortAsync(IDataInput) ReadUnsignedShortAsync(IDataInput)
ReadUTFAsync(IDataInput) ReadUTFAsync(IDataInput)
SkipBytesAsync(IDataInput, Int32) SkipBytesAsync(IDataInput, Int32)
ReadAsync(IObjectInput) ReadAsync(IObjectInput)
ReadAsync(IObjectInput, Byte[]) ReadAsync(IObjectInput, Byte[])
ReadAsync(IObjectInput, Byte[], Int32, Int32) ReadAsync(IObjectInput, Byte[], Int32, Int32)
ReadObjectAsync(IObjectInput) ReadObjectAsync(IObjectInput)
SkipAsync(IObjectInput, Int64) SkipAsync(IObjectInput, Int64)

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