MKMapViewDelegate_Extensions Class


Extension methods to the IMKMapViewDelegate interface to support all the methods from the MKMapViewDelegate protocol.

public static class MKMapViewDelegate_Extensions
type MKMapViewDelegate_Extensions = class


The extension methods for IMKMapViewDelegate allow developers to treat instances of the interface as having all the optional methods of the original MKMapViewDelegate protocol. Since the interface only contains the required members, these extension methods allow developers to call the optional members of the protocol.


CalloutAccessoryControlTapped(IMKMapViewDelegate, MKMapView, MKAnnotationView, UIControl)

Called when the callout accessory control has been tapped.

ChangedDragState(IMKMapViewDelegate, MKMapView, MKAnnotationView, MKAnnotationViewDragState, MKAnnotationViewDragState)

Called when the drag state has changed from oldState to newState.

CreateClusterAnnotation(IMKMapViewDelegate, MKMapView, IMKAnnotation[])
DidAddAnnotationViews(IMKMapViewDelegate, MKMapView, MKAnnotationView[])

Called when an annotation view (or views) have been added to mapView.

DidAddOverlayRenderers(IMKMapViewDelegate, MKMapView, MKOverlayRenderer[])

Called when an overlay renderer (or renderers) have been added to mapView.

DidAddOverlayViews(IMKMapViewDelegate, MKMapView, MKOverlayView)

Developers should not use this deprecated method. Developers should use 'DidAddOverlayRenderers' instead.

DidChangeUserTrackingMode(IMKMapViewDelegate, MKMapView, MKUserTrackingMode, Boolean)

Indicates a change in the active MKUserTrackingMode.

DidChangeVisibleRegion(IMKMapViewDelegate, MKMapView)
DidDeselectAnnotationView(IMKMapViewDelegate, MKMapView, MKAnnotationView)

Indicates that view has been deselected.

DidFailToLocateUser(IMKMapViewDelegate, MKMapView, NSError)

Indicates that the attempt to locate the current user has failed due to error.

DidFinishRenderingMap(IMKMapViewDelegate, MKMapView, Boolean)

Indicates that rendering of mapView has completed.

DidSelectAnnotationView(IMKMapViewDelegate, MKMapView, MKAnnotationView)

Indicates that the specified MKAnnotationView has been selected.

DidStopLocatingUser(IMKMapViewDelegate, MKMapView)

Indicates the system has stopped attemptig to locate the user.

DidUpdateUserLocation(IMKMapViewDelegate, MKMapView, MKUserLocation)

Indicates the system has provided an update to the user's location.

GetViewForAnnotation(IMKMapViewDelegate, MKMapView, IMKAnnotation)

Returns the MKAnnotationView associated with the annotation.

GetViewForOverlay(IMKMapViewDelegate, MKMapView, IMKOverlay)

Use MKOverlayRenderer.RendererForOverlay instead

LoadingMapFailed(IMKMapViewDelegate, MKMapView, NSError)

Indicates an error caused loading to fail.

MapLoaded(IMKMapViewDelegate, MKMapView)

Indicates that loading of map data has completed.

OverlayRenderer(IMKMapViewDelegate, MKMapView, IMKOverlay)

Calculates he MKOverlayRenderer appropriate to the overlay.

RegionChanged(IMKMapViewDelegate, MKMapView, Boolean)

Indicates the region displayed by mapView has changed.

RegionWillChange(IMKMapViewDelegate, MKMapView, Boolean)

Indicates the region displayed by mapView is about to change.

WillStartLoadingMap(IMKMapViewDelegate, MKMapView)

Indicates that loading of map data is about to begin.

WillStartLocatingUser(IMKMapViewDelegate, MKMapView)

Indicates that the system will start attempting to locate the user.

WillStartRenderingMap(IMKMapViewDelegate, MKMapView)

Indicates that rendering of mapView is about to begin.

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