AdomdConnection.Cubes AdomdConnection.Cubes AdomdConnection.Cubes Property


Gets an instance of a CubeCollection that represents the collection of cubes contained by an analytical data source.

 property Microsoft::AnalysisServices::AdomdClient::CubeCollection ^ Cubes { Microsoft::AnalysisServices::AdomdClient::CubeCollection ^ get(); };
public Microsoft.AnalysisServices.AdomdClient.CubeCollection Cubes { get; }
Public ReadOnly Property Cubes As CubeCollection
Property Value

A CubeCollection that contains the cubes for a multidimensional data source.


The cubes were changed on the server after the connection was established.


Online analytical processing (OLAP) administrators are able to view dimension cubes, as well as regular cubes. This ability enables administrators to browse dimension structure and members for dimensions that do not belong to a cube. The name of the dimensions starts with a dollar sign ($) character.

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