AdomdError AdomdError AdomdError Class


Represents a server or provider-specific error.

public ref class AdomdError sealed
public sealed class AdomdError
Public NotInheritable Class AdomdError


The AdomdError represents an XML for Analysis error received or raised by the provider during the execution of a statement or query. The properties of the AdomdError map directly to the subelements of the Error element in the XML for Analysis 1.1 specification, as described in the following table.

AdomdError property name XML for Analysis error subelement name
ErrorCode ErrorCode
HelpLink HelpFile
Message Description
Source Source
Location Location

The AdomdError objects themselves are not directly raised in ADOMD.NET. Instead, they are contained within the Errors property of an AdomdErrorResponseException.


CallStack CallStack CallStack

Gets the call stack for the AdomdError.

ErrorCode ErrorCode ErrorCode

Gets the error code of the AdomdError.

HelpLink HelpLink HelpLink

Gets a link to the Help file associated with the AdomdError.

Location Location Location

Gets the AdomdErrorLocation describing the location of the error.

Message Message Message

Gets the error message of the AdomdError.

Source Source Source

Gets the name of the application or object that caused the error associated with the AdomdError.


ToString() ToString() ToString()

Returns a String that represents the current Object.

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