CellSet CellSet CellSet Class


Represents a cellset that is returned as a result of a query.

public ref class CellSet sealed
public sealed class CellSet
Public NotInheritable Class CellSet


The following subroutine, given a CellSet, examines and displays information about the object:

Public Sub ListCellSetInfo(ByRef CellSetToCheck As CellSet)  
    If CellSetToCheck Is Nothing Then  
        Throw New System.ArgumentNullException("CellSetToCheck")  
        Console.WriteLine("The cellset has {0} cells " & _  
            "organized along {1} axes.", _  
            CellSetToCheck.Cells.Count, _  
    End If  
End Sub  


In ADOMD.NET, the CellSet encapsulates a multidimensional result set that is the result of running a command. A multidimensional result set contains a discrete collection of data points, or cells, that are organized along multiple dimensions, or axes.

A CellSet is created when the Execute or ExecuteCellSet method of the AdomdCommand is called to run a command.


Axes Axes Axes

Gets an instance of the AxisCollection class that contains the axes of the CellSet.

Cells Cells Cells

Gets an instance of the CellCollection class that contains the cells of the CellSet.

FilterAxis FilterAxis FilterAxis

Gets an instance of an Axis class that represents the filter axis of the CellSet.

Item[ICollection] Item[ICollection] Item[ICollection]

Gets the specified Cell by an ICollection interface that contains a collection of absolute axis indexes. In Microsoft Visual C#, this property is the indexer for the CellCollection class.

Item[Int32] Item[Int32] Item[Int32]

Gets an instance of a Cell by its index. In Microsoft Visual C#, this property is the indexer for the CellSet class.

Item[Int32[]] Item[Int32[]] Item[Int32[]]

Gets the specified Cell from the collection by an array of absolute axis indexes.

Item[Int32, Int32] Item[Int32, Int32] Item[Int32, Int32]

Gets the specified Cell from the collection.

OlapInfo OlapInfo OlapInfo

Gets an instance of an OlapInfo class describing the CellSet.


LoadXml(XmlReader) LoadXml(XmlReader) LoadXml(XmlReader)

Returns a CellSet created from a server response, passed in as an XmlReader.

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