CubeDimensionBinding CubeDimensionBinding CubeDimensionBinding Class


Derived from Binding this type contains identifiers for data sources, cube and cube dimension and an MDX filter. This class cannot be inherited.

public ref class CubeDimensionBinding sealed : Microsoft::AnalysisServices::Binding
public sealed class CubeDimensionBinding : Microsoft.AnalysisServices.Binding
Public NotInheritable Class CubeDimensionBinding
Inherits Binding


CubeDimensionBinding() CubeDimensionBinding() CubeDimensionBinding()

Initializes a new instance of the CubeDimensionBinding class using the default values.

CubeDimensionBinding(String, String, String) CubeDimensionBinding(String, String, String) CubeDimensionBinding(String, String, String)

Initializes a new instance of the CubeDimensionBinding class using a data source, cube and cube dimension identifiers.


CubeDimensionID CubeDimensionID CubeDimensionID

Gets or sets the ID of the CubeDimension.

CubeID CubeID CubeID

Gets or sets a cube identifier for a CubeDimensionBinding.

DataSourceID DataSourceID DataSourceID

Gets or sets the data source identifier for a CubeDimensionBinding object.

Filter Filter Filter

Gets or sets an MDX expression that specifies how to filter the source data.

Parent Parent Parent

Gets the parent object of the current object.

(Inherited from Binding)


Clone() Clone() Clone()

Creates a new full copy of an object.

CopyTo(Binding) CopyTo(Binding) CopyTo(Binding)

Transfers a deep copy of current object to a specified binding.

(Inherited from Binding)
CopyTo(CubeDimensionBinding) CopyTo(CubeDimensionBinding) CopyTo(CubeDimensionBinding)

Copies a CubeDimensionBinding object to the specified object.

ToString() ToString() ToString()

Returns a string representation of the CubeDimensionBinding object.

Explicit Interface Implementations

ICloneable.Clone() ICloneable.Clone() ICloneable.Clone()

Creates a new copy of the object instance.

(Inherited from Binding)

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