DimensionType DimensionType DimensionType Enum


Provides both the Analysis server and client applications with information about the dimension contents.

public enum DimensionType
type DimensionType = 
Public Enum DimensionType


Accounts Accounts Accounts 5

Dimension is of general ledger accounts structure.

BillOfMaterials BillOfMaterials BillOfMaterials 4

Dimension is of bill of materials structure.

Channel Channel Channel 13

Dimension is of media channels structure.

Currency Currency Currency 11

Dimension is of currency structure.

Customers Customers Customers 6

Dimension is of customer structure.

Geography Geography Geography 2

Dimension is of geography structure.

Organization Organization Organization 3

Dimension is of organization structure.

Products Products Products 7

Dimension is of products structure.

Promotion Promotion Promotion 14

Dimension is of promotion structure.

Quantitative Quantitative Quantitative 9

Dimension is of quantitative structure.

Rates Rates Rates 12

Dimension is of rates structure.

Regular Regular Regular 0

Dimension is a regular dimension structure.

Scenario Scenario Scenario 8

Dimension is of scenario structure.

Time Time Time 1

Dimension is of date-time structure.

Utility Utility Utility 10

Dimension is of utility structure.


Default value is Regular.

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