IMajorObject IMajorObject IMajorObject Interface


Contains the collection of major objects.

public interface class IMajorObject : IDisposable, Microsoft::AnalysisServices::INamedComponent, System::ComponentModel::IComponent
public interface IMajorObject : IDisposable, Microsoft.AnalysisServices.INamedComponent, System.ComponentModel.IComponent
Public Interface IMajorObject
Implements IComponent, IDisposable, INamedComponent


BaseType BaseType BaseType

Gets the base type implementation of the IMajorObject.

IsLoaded IsLoaded IsLoaded

Gets a value indicating whether the object is currently loaded.

ObjectReference ObjectReference ObjectReference

Gets the object reference implementation of the IMajorObject.

ParentDatabase ParentDatabase ParentDatabase

Gets the parent database referred to by IMajorObject.

ParentServer ParentServer ParentServer

Gets the Server object that is the parent of the IMajorObject object.

Path Path Path

Gets the path implementation.


CreateBody() CreateBody() CreateBody()

Creates a new body for the IMajorObject.

DependsOn(IMajorObject) DependsOn(IMajorObject) DependsOn(IMajorObject)

Determines whether the dimension permission depends on an object.

GetDependents(Hashtable) GetDependents(Hashtable) GetDependents(Hashtable)

Adds a mining structures and subsequent dependents to the specified Hashtable.

Refresh() Refresh() Refresh()

Updates current object from server definitions.

Refresh(Boolean, RefreshType) Refresh(Boolean, RefreshType) Refresh(Boolean, RefreshType)

Updates current object from server definitions and loaded dependent objects if specified.

Update() Update() Update()

Updates server definition of current object to actual values using the default values to updates dependent objects.

WriteRef(XmlWriter) WriteRef(XmlWriter) WriteRef(XmlWriter)

Writes a reference for the IMajorObject.

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