MiningStructure.HoldoutMaxCases MiningStructure.HoldoutMaxCases MiningStructure.HoldoutMaxCases Property


Gets or sets the maximum number of cases in the partition of the MiningStructure that contains testing data.

public long HoldoutMaxCases { get; set; }
member this.HoldoutMaxCases : int64 with get, set
Public Property HoldoutMaxCases As Long

Property Value

An integer that indicates the maximum number of cases in the training data set. A value of 0 indicates no limit.


If values are set for both HoldoutMaxCases and HoldoutMaxPercent, the lower limit is used. If no value is set for HoldoutMaxPercent and the value for HoldoutMaxCases is 0, all the data is used for testing and none for training.

If the size of the final testing data, based on all holdout parameters, equals or exceeds the total number of cases, a warning is raised. An error is also raised if the testing set is bigger than the training set.


  • To enable creation of a testing data set, the CacheMode property of the mining structure must be set to the default value, KeepTrainingCases.

  • Analysis Services does not support creation of holdout partitions on a mining structure. You cannot use HoldoutMaxCases with a mining structure that is stored in an instance of Analysis Services.

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