ProactiveCaching ProactiveCaching ProactiveCaching Class


Defines ProactiveCaching settings for a parent element.

[System.ComponentModel.TypeConverter("Microsoft.AnalysisServices.Design.ProactiveCachingTypeConverter, Microsoft.AnalysisServices.Design")]
public sealed class ProactiveCaching : System.ComponentModel.Component, ICloneable
type ProactiveCaching = class
    inherit Component
    interface ICloneable
Public NotInheritable Class ProactiveCaching
Inherits Component
Implements ICloneable


ProactiveCaching() ProactiveCaching() ProactiveCaching()

Initializes a new instance of ProactiveCaching using the default values.


AggregationStorage AggregationStorage AggregationStorage

ets or sets storage for partitions with ProactiveCaching.

Enabled Enabled Enabled

Gets or sets an indication if proactive caching is enabled.

ForceRebuildInterval ForceRebuildInterval ForceRebuildInterval

Gets or sets the amount of time, starting after a MOLAP image is dropped, after which MOLAP imaging starts unconditionally.

Latency Latency Latency

Gets or sets the “grace period” between the earliest notification and the moment when the MOLAP images are destroyed.

OnlineMode OnlineMode OnlineMode

Gets or sets the OnlineMode for a ProactiveCaching object.

SilenceInterval SilenceInterval SilenceInterval

Gets or sets the minimum amount of no activity before MOLAP imaging starts.

SilenceOverrideInterval SilenceOverrideInterval SilenceOverrideInterval

Gets or sets the amount of time after an initial notification when the MOLAP imaging process starts.

Source Source Source

Gets or sets the binding of the ProactiveCaching object.


Clone() Clone() Clone()

Returns a clone of the object.

CopyTo(ProactiveCaching) CopyTo(ProactiveCaching) CopyTo(ProactiveCaching)

Copies the content of this object to another object (the destination).

Explicit Interface Implementations

ICloneable.Clone() ICloneable.Clone() ICloneable.Clone()

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