ServerEdition ServerEdition ServerEdition Enum


Specifies an enumeration of server edition.

public enum ServerEdition
type ServerEdition = 
Public Enum ServerEdition


BusinessIntelligence BusinessIntelligence BusinessIntelligence 10

The BusinessIntelligence edition.

BusinessIntelligence64 BusinessIntelligence64 BusinessIntelligence64 11

The BusinessIntelligence64 edition.

Developer Developer Developer 4

The Developer edition.

Developer64 Developer64 Developer64 5

The Developer64 edition.

Enterprise Enterprise Enterprise 2

The Enterprise edition.

Enterprise64 Enterprise64 Enterprise64 3

The Enterprise64 edition.

EnterpriseCore EnterpriseCore EnterpriseCore 12

The EnterpriseCore edition.

EnterpriseCore64 EnterpriseCore64 EnterpriseCore64 13

The EnterpriseCore64 edition.

Evaluation Evaluation Evaluation 6

The Evaluation edition.

Evaluation64 Evaluation64 Evaluation64 7

The Evaluation64 edition.

LocalCube LocalCube LocalCube 8

The LocalCube edition.

LocalCube64 LocalCube64 LocalCube64 9

The LocalCube64 edition.

Standard Standard Standard 0

The Standard edition.

Standard64 Standard64 Standard64 1

The Standard64 edition.

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