TableBinding TableBinding TableBinding Class


Represents a bound table object for the analysis services.

public ref class TableBinding sealed : Microsoft::AnalysisServices::TabularBinding
public sealed class TableBinding : Microsoft.AnalysisServices.TabularBinding
Public NotInheritable Class TableBinding
Inherits TabularBinding


TableBinding() TableBinding() TableBinding()

Initializes a new instance of the TableBinding class.

TableBinding(String, String, String) TableBinding(String, String, String) TableBinding(String, String, String)

Initializes a new instance of the TableBinding class with specified data source identifier, schema, and name of the table.


DataSourceID DataSourceID DataSourceID

Gets or sets the data source identifier for the table data.

DbSchemaName DbSchemaName DbSchemaName

Gets or sets the schema name of the database.

DbTableName DbTableName DbTableName

Gets or sets the name of the table in the database to be bound.

Parent Parent Parent

Gets the parent object of the current object.

(Inherited from Binding)


Clone() Clone() Clone()

Returns a clone of the object.

CopyTo(Binding) CopyTo(Binding) CopyTo(Binding)

Transfers a deep copy of current object to a specified binding.

(Inherited from Binding)
CopyTo(TableBinding) CopyTo(TableBinding) CopyTo(TableBinding)

Copies the content of the object to another object.

CopyTo(TabularBinding) CopyTo(TabularBinding) CopyTo(TabularBinding)

Copies a TabularBinding object to the specified object.

(Inherited from TabularBinding)

Explicit Interface Implementations

ICloneable.Clone() ICloneable.Clone() ICloneable.Clone()

Creates a new copy of this object instance.

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