Column Column Column Class


Represents a base class of a column object of a Tabular model, used to specify a DataColumn, RowNumberColumn, CalculatedColumn, or CalculatedTableColumn.

public ref class Column abstract : Microsoft::AnalysisServices::Tabular::NamedMetadataObject
public abstract class Column : Microsoft.AnalysisServices.Tabular.NamedMetadataObject
Public MustInherit Class Column
Inherits NamedMetadataObject


Alignment Alignment Alignment

Gets or sets the alignment for this property.

Annotations Annotations Annotations

Gets the collection object of all annotations in the current Column.

AttributeHierarchy AttributeHierarchy AttributeHierarchy

Gets or sets the attribute hierarchy of this column.

DataCategory DataCategory DataCategory

Gets or sets the data category of the object.

DataType DataType DataType

Gets or sets the type of data stored in the column. For a DataColumn, specifies the data type. See for a list of supported data types.

Description Description Description

Gets or sets a Description property for this object.

DisplayFolder DisplayFolder DisplayFolder

Gets or sets the display folder used by this column.

DisplayOrdinal DisplayOrdinal DisplayOrdinal

Reserved for future use.

Gets or sets the ordinal to display.

ErrorMessage ErrorMessage ErrorMessage

Gets or sets a string that explains the error state associated with the current object. It is set by the engine only when the state of the object is one of these three values: SemanticError, DependencyError, or EvaluationError. It is applicable only to columns of the type Calculated or CalculatedTableColumn. It will be empty for other column objects.

FormatString FormatString FormatString

Gets or sets the format string set for this column.

IsAvailableInMDX IsAvailableInMDX IsAvailableInMDX

Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the column can be used in an MDX expression or query.

IsDefaultImage IsDefaultImage IsDefaultImage

Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the image used is the default image.

IsDefaultLabel IsDefaultLabel IsDefaultLabel

Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the label is the default label.

IsHidden IsHidden IsHidden

Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the column is hidden.

IsKey IsKey IsKey

Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the column is a key of the table.

IsNullable IsNullable IsNullable

Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the column is nullable.

IsRemoved IsRemoved IsRemoved

Gets or sets a value that indicates whether this object was removed from an object tree.

(Inherited from MetadataObject)
IsUnique IsUnique IsUnique

Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the values of the column is unique.

KeepUniqueRows KeepUniqueRows KeepUniqueRows

Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the table keeps the unique rows.

Model Model Model

Gets the Tabular model of the object.

(Inherited from MetadataObject)
ModifiedTime ModifiedTime ModifiedTime

Gets or sets the date and time the column was modified.

Name Name Name

Gets or sets the name of a column in a tabular model.

ObjectType ObjectType ObjectType

Gets the type of the object.

Parent Parent Parent

Gets the parent object, null for Model objects.

RefreshedTime RefreshedTime RefreshedTime

Gets the date and time at which the column was last refreshed.

SortByColumn SortByColumn SortByColumn

Gets or sets the column used to sort rows in a table.

SourceProviderType SourceProviderType SourceProviderType

Gets or sets the data type in the external data source (e.g. NVARCHAR(50) for a string column).

State State State

Gets or sets the calculated columns or columns in a calculated table, the state of this column is either calculated (Ready), or not (CalculationNeeded), or an error. For non-calculated columns it is always Ready.

StructureModifiedTime StructureModifiedTime StructureModifiedTime

Gets or sets a date and time at which this structure was last modified.

SummarizeBy SummarizeBy SummarizeBy

Gets or sets the aggregation function used by this column.

Table Table Table

Gets or sets the Table object.

TableDetailPosition TableDetailPosition TableDetailPosition

Gets or sets a 32-bit integer specifying the position of the Detail record in the Table.

Type Type Type

Gets or sets the column type.


Clone() Clone() Clone()

Creates a new, full copy of a Column object.

CopyFrom(Column) CopyFrom(Column) CopyFrom(Column)

Deprecated. Use the CopyTo method instead.

CopyTo(Column) CopyTo(Column) CopyTo(Column)

Copies a Column object to the specified object.

GetCompatLevelRequirementByMembers(String) GetCompatLevelRequirementByMembers(String) GetCompatLevelRequirementByMembers(String)

Default implementation of a compatibility-level requirement calculation.

(Inherited from MetadataObject)
Rename(String) Rename(String) Rename(String)

Deprecated. Use RequestRename method instead.

RequestRename(String) RequestRename(String) RequestRename(String)

Request rename of this object.

Validate() Validate() Validate()

Returns a Validate object.

(Inherited from MetadataObject)

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