NamedMetadataObject NamedMetadataObject NamedMetadataObject Class


Represents a Tabular metadata object by its name.

public abstract class NamedMetadataObject : Microsoft.AnalysisServices.Tabular.MetadataObject
type NamedMetadataObject = class
    inherit MetadataObject
Public MustInherit Class NamedMetadataObject
Inherits MetadataObject


NamedMetadataObject() NamedMetadataObject() NamedMetadataObject()

A base class representing a named metadata object..

NamedMetadataObject(String) NamedMetadataObject(String) NamedMetadataObject(String)

Sets the name of the metadata object.


IsRemoved IsRemoved IsRemoved

A Boolean specifying whether this object was removed from an object tree.

(Inherited from MetadataObject)
Model Model Model

Gets the Tabular model that contains this object.

(Inherited from MetadataObject)
Name Name Name

A base class representing the object name.

ObjectType ObjectType ObjectType

Gets the type of object.

(Inherited from MetadataObject)
Parent Parent Parent

Gets the parent of the current MetadataObject.

(Inherited from MetadataObject)


Validate() Validate() Validate()

This API supports the product infrastructure and is not intended to be used directly from your code. Microsoft Internal Use Only.

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