XmlIgnoreOnReadAttribute XmlIgnoreOnReadAttribute XmlIgnoreOnReadAttribute Class


Overrides the default serialization of an XML object, used when the object exists for internal operations.

public class XmlIgnoreOnReadAttribute : Attribute
type XmlIgnoreOnReadAttribute = class
    inherit Attribute
Public Class XmlIgnoreOnReadAttribute
Inherits Attribute


This attribute is set on properties that has to be accepted but ignored during deserialization from XMLA.

DimensionAttribute.ColumnUsage is an example of deprecated property.

It was added for UDM 1200 models. As UDM 1200 is deprecated, some properties are removed from AMO public surface.

But AMO still has to handle the case when client is connecting to existing UDM 1200 model that was created using some Excel 2016 CTP1.

So AMO must not throw an exception when it sees ColumnUsage element, but ignore the value of ColumnUsage and not serialize it back into XMLA.


XmlIgnoreOnReadAttribute() XmlIgnoreOnReadAttribute() XmlIgnoreOnReadAttribute()

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