ITelemetry ITelemetry ITelemetry Interface


The base telemetry type for application insights.

public interface ITelemetry
type ITelemetry = interface
Public Interface ITelemetry


Context Context Context

Gets the context associated with this telemetry instance.

Extension Extension Extension

Gets or sets gets the extension used to extend this telemetry instance using new strongly typed object.

Sequence Sequence Sequence

Gets or sets the value that defines absolute order of the telemetry item.

Timestamp Timestamp Timestamp

Gets or sets date and time when telemetry was recorded.


DeepClone() DeepClone() DeepClone()

Clones the telemetry object deeply, so that the original object and the clone share no state and can be modified independently.

Sanitize() Sanitize() Sanitize()

Sanitizes the properties of the telemetry item based on DP constraints.

SerializeData(ISerializationWriter) SerializeData(ISerializationWriter) SerializeData(ISerializationWriter)

Writes serialization info about the data class of the implementing type using the given ISerializationWriter

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