FailureContext FailureContext FailureContext FailureContext Class


Provides failure context information to middleware providers.

public ref class FailureContext : Microsoft::AspNetCore::Authentication::BaseControlContext
public class FailureContext : Microsoft.AspNetCore.Authentication.BaseControlContext
type FailureContext = class
    inherit BaseControlContext
Public Class FailureContext
Inherits BaseControlContext


FailureContext(HttpContext, Exception) FailureContext(HttpContext, Exception) FailureContext(HttpContext, Exception) FailureContext(HttpContext, Exception)


Failure Failure Failure Failure

User friendly error message for the error.

HandledResponse HandledResponse HandledResponse HandledResponse Inherited from BaseControlContext
HttpContext HttpContext HttpContext HttpContext Inherited from BaseContext
Request Request Request Request Inherited from BaseContext
Response Response Response Response Inherited from BaseContext
Skipped Skipped Skipped Skipped Inherited from BaseControlContext
State State State State Inherited from BaseControlContext
Ticket Ticket Ticket Ticket

Gets or set the Ticket to return if this event signals it handled the event.

(Inherited from BaseControlContext)


CheckEventResult(AuthenticateResult) CheckEventResult(AuthenticateResult) CheckEventResult(AuthenticateResult) CheckEventResult(AuthenticateResult) Inherited from BaseControlContext
HandleResponse() HandleResponse() HandleResponse() HandleResponse()

Discontinue all processing for this request and return to the client. The caller is responsible for generating the full response. Set the Ticket to trigger SignIn.

(Inherited from BaseControlContext)
SkipToNextMiddleware() SkipToNextMiddleware() SkipToNextMiddleware() SkipToNextMiddleware()

Discontinue processing the request in the current middleware and pass control to the next one. SignIn will not be called.

(Inherited from BaseControlContext)

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