HandleRequestResult HandleRequestResult HandleRequestResult Class


Contains the result of an Authenticate call

public class HandleRequestResult : Microsoft.AspNetCore.Authentication.AuthenticateResult
type HandleRequestResult = class
    inherit AuthenticateResult
Public Class HandleRequestResult
Inherits AuthenticateResult


HandleRequestResult() HandleRequestResult() HandleRequestResult()


Failure Failure Failure

Holds failure information from the authentication.

(Inherited from AuthenticateResult)
Handled Handled Handled

Indicates that stage of authentication was directly handled by user intervention and no further processing should be attempted.

None None None

Indicates that there was no information returned for this authentication scheme.

(Inherited from AuthenticateResult)
Principal Principal Principal

Gets the claims-principal with authenticated user identities.

(Inherited from AuthenticateResult)
Properties Properties Properties

Additional state values for the authentication session.

(Inherited from AuthenticateResult)
Skipped Skipped Skipped

Indicates that the default authentication logic should be skipped and that the rest of the pipeline should be invoked.

Succeeded Succeeded Succeeded

If a ticket was produced, authenticate was successful.

(Inherited from AuthenticateResult)
Ticket Ticket Ticket

The authentication ticket.

(Inherited from AuthenticateResult)


Fail(Exception) Fail(Exception) Fail(Exception)

Indicates that there was a failure during authentication.

Fail(Exception, AuthenticationProperties) Fail(Exception, AuthenticationProperties) Fail(Exception, AuthenticationProperties)

Indicates that there was a failure during authentication.

Fail(String) Fail(String) Fail(String)

Indicates that there was a failure during authentication.

Fail(String, AuthenticationProperties) Fail(String, AuthenticationProperties) Fail(String, AuthenticationProperties)

Indicates that there was a failure during authentication.

Handle() Handle() Handle()

Discontinue all processing for this request and return to the client. The caller is responsible for generating the full response.

SkipHandler() SkipHandler() SkipHandler()

Discontinue processing the request in the current handler.

Success(AuthenticationTicket) Success(AuthenticationTicket) Success(AuthenticationTicket)

Indicates that authentication was successful.

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