ForwardedHeadersOptions ForwardedHeadersOptions ForwardedHeadersOptions Class


public class ForwardedHeadersOptions
type ForwardedHeadersOptions = class
Public Class ForwardedHeadersOptions


ForwardedHeadersOptions() ForwardedHeadersOptions() ForwardedHeadersOptions()


AllowedHosts AllowedHosts AllowedHosts

The allowed values from x-forwarded-host. If the list is empty then all hosts are allowed. Failing to restrict this these values may allow an attacker to spoof links generated by your service.

ForwardedForHeaderName ForwardedForHeaderName ForwardedForHeaderName

Use this header instead of XForwardedForHeaderName

ForwardedHeaders ForwardedHeaders ForwardedHeaders

Identifies which forwarders should be processed.

ForwardedHostHeaderName ForwardedHostHeaderName ForwardedHostHeaderName

Use this header instead of XForwardedHostHeaderName

ForwardedProtoHeaderName ForwardedProtoHeaderName ForwardedProtoHeaderName

Use this header instead of XForwardedProtoHeaderName

ForwardLimit ForwardLimit ForwardLimit

Limits the number of entries in the headers that will be processed. The default value is 1. Set to null to disable the limit, but this should only be done if KnownProxies or KnownNetworks are configured.

KnownNetworks KnownNetworks KnownNetworks

Address ranges of known proxies to accept forwarded headers from.

KnownProxies KnownProxies KnownProxies

Addresses of known proxies to accept forwarded headers from.

OriginalForHeaderName OriginalForHeaderName OriginalForHeaderName

Use this header instead of XOriginalForHeaderName

OriginalHostHeaderName OriginalHostHeaderName OriginalHostHeaderName

Use this header instead of XOriginalHostHeaderName

OriginalProtoHeaderName OriginalProtoHeaderName OriginalProtoHeaderName

Use this header instead of XOriginalProtoHeaderName

RequireHeaderSymmetry RequireHeaderSymmetry RequireHeaderSymmetry

Require the number of header values to be in sync between the different headers being processed. The default is 'false'.

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