TwitterOptions TwitterOptions TwitterOptions Class


Options for the Twitter authentication middleware.

public class TwitterOptions : Microsoft.AspNetCore.Builder.RemoteAuthenticationOptions
type TwitterOptions = class
    inherit RemoteAuthenticationOptions
Public Class TwitterOptions
Inherits RemoteAuthenticationOptions


TwitterOptions() TwitterOptions() TwitterOptions()

Initializes a new instance of the TwitterOptions class.


AuthenticationScheme AuthenticationScheme AuthenticationScheme

The AuthenticationScheme in the options corresponds to the logical name for a particular authentication scheme. A different value may be assigned in order to use the same authentication middleware type more than once in a pipeline.

(Inherited from AuthenticationOptions)
AutomaticAuthenticate AutomaticAuthenticate AutomaticAuthenticate

If true the authentication middleware alter the request user coming in. If false the authentication middleware will only provide identity when explicitly indicated by the AuthenticationScheme.

(Inherited from AuthenticationOptions)
AutomaticChallenge AutomaticChallenge AutomaticChallenge

If true the authentication middleware should handle automatic challenge. If false the authentication middleware will only alter responses when explicitly indicated by the AuthenticationScheme.

(Inherited from AuthenticationOptions)
BackchannelHttpHandler BackchannelHttpHandler BackchannelHttpHandler

The HttpMessageHandler used to communicate with remote identity provider. This cannot be set at the same time as BackchannelCertificateValidator unless the value can be downcast to a WebRequestHandler.

(Inherited from RemoteAuthenticationOptions)
BackchannelTimeout BackchannelTimeout BackchannelTimeout

Gets or sets timeout value in milliseconds for back channel communications with the remote identity provider.

(Inherited from RemoteAuthenticationOptions)
CallbackPath CallbackPath CallbackPath

The request path within the application's base path where the user-agent will be returned. The middleware will process this request when it arrives.

(Inherited from RemoteAuthenticationOptions)
ClaimsIssuer ClaimsIssuer ClaimsIssuer

Gets or sets the issuer that should be used for any claims that are created

(Inherited from AuthenticationOptions)
ConsumerKey ConsumerKey ConsumerKey

Gets or sets the consumer key used to communicate with Twitter.

ConsumerSecret ConsumerSecret ConsumerSecret

Gets or sets the consumer secret used to sign requests to Twitter.

Description Description Description

Additional information about the authentication type which is made available to the application.

(Inherited from AuthenticationOptions)
DisplayName DisplayName DisplayName

Get or sets the text that the user can display on a sign in user interface.

(Inherited from RemoteAuthenticationOptions)
Events Events Events

Gets or sets the ITwitterEvents used to handle authentication events.

RemoteAuthenticationTimeout RemoteAuthenticationTimeout RemoteAuthenticationTimeout

Gets or sets the time limit for completing the authentication flow (15 minutes by default).

(Inherited from RemoteAuthenticationOptions)
RetrieveUserDetails RetrieveUserDetails RetrieveUserDetails

Enables the retrieval user details during the authentication process, including e-mail addresses. Retrieving e-mail addresses requires special permissions from Twitter Support on a per application basis. The default is false. See

SaveTokens SaveTokens SaveTokens

Defines whether access and refresh tokens should be stored in the AuthenticationProperties after a successful authorization. This property is set to false by default to reduce the size of the final authentication cookie.

(Inherited from RemoteAuthenticationOptions)
SignInScheme SignInScheme SignInScheme

Gets or sets the authentication scheme corresponding to the middleware responsible of persisting user's identity after a successful authentication. This value typically corresponds to a cookie middleware registered in the Startup class. When omitted, SignInScheme is used as a fallback value.

(Inherited from RemoteAuthenticationOptions)
StateDataFormat StateDataFormat StateDataFormat

Gets or sets the type used to secure data handled by the middleware.

SystemClock SystemClock SystemClock

For testing purposes only.

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