CorsResult CorsResult CorsResult Class


Results returned by ICorsService.

public class CorsResult
type CorsResult = class
Public Class CorsResult


CorsResult() CorsResult() CorsResult()


AllowedExposedHeaders AllowedExposedHeaders AllowedExposedHeaders

Gets the allowed headers that can be exposed on the response.

AllowedHeaders AllowedHeaders AllowedHeaders

Gets the allowed headers.

AllowedMethods AllowedMethods AllowedMethods

Gets the allowed methods.

AllowedOrigin AllowedOrigin AllowedOrigin

Gets or sets the allowed origin.

IsOriginAllowed IsOriginAllowed IsOriginAllowed

Gets or sets a value that determines if the origin is allowed. When false, no CORS headers should be sent.

IsPreflightRequest IsPreflightRequest IsPreflightRequest

Gets or sets a value that determines if the current request is a CORS-preflight request.

PreflightMaxAge PreflightMaxAge PreflightMaxAge

Gets or sets the TimeSpan for which the results of a preflight request can be cached.

SupportsCredentials SupportsCredentials SupportsCredentials

Gets or sets a value indicating whether the resource supports user credentials.

VaryByOrigin VaryByOrigin VaryByOrigin

Gets or sets a value indicating if a 'Vary' header with the value 'Origin' is required.


ToString() ToString() ToString()

Returns a String that represents this instance.

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