HealthCheckOptions HealthCheckOptions HealthCheckOptions HealthCheckOptions Class


Contains options for the HealthCheckMiddleware.

public ref class HealthCheckOptions
public class HealthCheckOptions
type HealthCheckOptions = class
Public Class HealthCheckOptions


HealthCheckOptions() HealthCheckOptions() HealthCheckOptions() HealthCheckOptions()


AllowCachingResponses AllowCachingResponses AllowCachingResponses AllowCachingResponses

Gets or sets a value that controls whether responses from the health check middleware can be cached.

Predicate Predicate Predicate Predicate

Gets or sets a predicate that is used to filter the set of health checks executed.

ResponseWriter ResponseWriter ResponseWriter ResponseWriter

Gets or sets a delegate used to write the response.

ResultStatusCodes ResultStatusCodes ResultStatusCodes ResultStatusCodes

Gets or sets a dictionary mapping the Microsoft.Extensions.Diagnostics.HealthChecks.HealthStatus to an HTTP status code applied to the response. This property can be used to configure the status codes returned for each status.

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