HostingAbstractionsWebHostBuilderExtensions Class


public ref class HostingAbstractionsWebHostBuilderExtensions abstract sealed
public static class HostingAbstractionsWebHostBuilderExtensions
type HostingAbstractionsWebHostBuilderExtensions = class
Public Module HostingAbstractionsWebHostBuilderExtensions


CaptureStartupErrors(IWebHostBuilder, Boolean)

Set whether startup errors should be captured in the configuration settings of the web host. When enabled, startup exceptions will be caught and an error page will be returned. If disabled, startup exceptions will be propagated.

PreferHostingUrls(IWebHostBuilder, Boolean)

Indicate whether the host should listen on the URLs configured on the IWebHostBuilder instead of those configured on the IServer.

Start(IWebHostBuilder, String[])

Start the web host and listen on the specified urls.

SuppressStatusMessages(IWebHostBuilder, Boolean)

Specify if startup status messages should be suppressed.

UseConfiguration(IWebHostBuilder, IConfiguration)

Use the given configuration settings on the web host.

UseContentRoot(IWebHostBuilder, String)

Specify the content root directory to be used by the web host.

UseEnvironment(IWebHostBuilder, String)

Specify the environment to be used by the web host.

UseServer(IWebHostBuilder, IServer)

Specify the server to be used by the web host.

UseShutdownTimeout(IWebHostBuilder, TimeSpan)

Specify the amount of time to wait for the web host to shutdown.

UseStartup(IWebHostBuilder, String)

Specify the assembly containing the startup type to be used by the web host.

UseUrls(IWebHostBuilder, String[])

Specify the urls the web host will listen on.

UseWebRoot(IWebHostBuilder, String)

Specify the webroot directory to be used by the web host.

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