IdentityUserClaim<TKey> IdentityUserClaim<TKey> IdentityUserClaim<TKey> IdentityUserClaim<TKey> Class


Represents a claim that a user possesses.

generic <typename TKey>
 where TKey : IEquatable<TKey>public ref class IdentityUserClaim
public class IdentityUserClaim<TKey> where TKey : IEquatable<TKey>
type IdentityUserClaim<'Key (requires 'Key :> IEquatable<'Key>)> = class
Public Class IdentityUserClaim(Of TKey)

Type Parameters


The type used for the primary key for this user that possesses this claim.



IdentityUserClaim<TKey>() IdentityUserClaim<TKey>() IdentityUserClaim<TKey>() IdentityUserClaim<TKey>()


ClaimType ClaimType ClaimType ClaimType

Gets or sets the claim type for this claim.

ClaimValue ClaimValue ClaimValue ClaimValue

Gets or sets the claim value for this claim.

Id Id Id Id

Gets or sets the identifier for this user claim.

UserId UserId UserId UserId

Gets or sets the primary key of the user associated with this claim.


InitializeFromClaim(Claim) InitializeFromClaim(Claim) InitializeFromClaim(Claim) InitializeFromClaim(Claim)

Reads the type and value from the Claim.

ToClaim() ToClaim() ToClaim() ToClaim()

Converts the entity into a Claim instance.

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