IdentityUserLogin<TKey> IdentityUserLogin<TKey> IdentityUserLogin<TKey> IdentityUserLogin<TKey> Class


Represents a login and its associated provider for a user.

generic <typename TKey>
 where TKey : IEquatable<TKey>public ref class IdentityUserLogin
public class IdentityUserLogin<TKey> where TKey : IEquatable<TKey>
type IdentityUserLogin<'Key (requires 'Key :> IEquatable<'Key>)> = class
Public Class IdentityUserLogin(Of TKey)

Type Parameters


The type of the primary key of the user associated with this login.



IdentityUserLogin<TKey>() IdentityUserLogin<TKey>() IdentityUserLogin<TKey>() IdentityUserLogin<TKey>()


LoginProvider LoginProvider LoginProvider LoginProvider

Gets or sets the login provider for the login (e.g. facebook, google)

ProviderDisplayName ProviderDisplayName ProviderDisplayName ProviderDisplayName

Gets or sets the friendly name used in a UI for this login.

ProviderKey ProviderKey ProviderKey ProviderKey

Gets or sets the unique provider identifier for this login.

UserId UserId UserId UserId

Gets or sets the primary key of the user associated with this login.

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