UserManager<TUser>.AccessFailedAsync(TUser) UserManager<TUser>.AccessFailedAsync(TUser) UserManager<TUser>.AccessFailedAsync(TUser) Method


Increments the access failed count for the user as an asynchronous operation. If the failed access account is greater than or equal to the configured maximum number of attempts, the user will be locked out for the configured lockout time span.

public virtual System.Threading.Tasks.Task<Microsoft.AspNetCore.Identity.IdentityResult> AccessFailedAsync (TUser user);
abstract member AccessFailedAsync : 'User -> System.Threading.Tasks.Task<Microsoft.AspNetCore.Identity.IdentityResult>
override this.AccessFailedAsync : 'User -> System.Threading.Tasks.Task<Microsoft.AspNetCore.Identity.IdentityResult>
Public Overridable Function AccessFailedAsync (user As TUser) As Task(Of IdentityResult)


TUser TUser TUser

The user whose failed access count to increment.


The Task that represents the asynchronous operation, containing the IdentityResult of the operation.

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